• Wire Feed Rolls and Ratchet Wheels
  • Wire Guide Tubes
  • Wire Drawing Dies
  • Cut-off Knives and Quills
  • Transfer Fingers
  • Carbide Dies
  • Dies and Punches Cases
  • Pre-forms and Heading Punches
  • Segmented Carbide Punches
  • Punch Holders
  • Sliding Dies and Punches
  • Fillers and Sleeves
  • Hot Forging Dies
  • Self-drill Screws Pinch-point Dies
  • Special tools by drawing
  • Nut Taps


SouthWind International USA LLC is
a subsidiary of SouthWindInternational, a technical trading company, ongoing leader in Brazil and South America, for supplying tools, machinery and auxiliary equipment for the Fastener Industry since 1995.

We are dedicated supply cold forming and threading tools to the North American Fastener Industry, from the best makers in Taiwan, through direct import by the customer or door-to-door delivery.